The Premier Place to Sell Gold in Metairie, LA

Gold has a certain allure and a beautiful façade that makes it precious to anyone who has it. Sometimes, however, we have no use for the gold in our possession—as a piece of jewelry, an old coin or in bullion form—and we’d rather have the value of the gold than the gold itself. When you find yourself with unwanted gold, make sure you’re getting the full value for this precious metal by bringing it on into The Gold Buying Store!

At The Gold Buying Store, we’re more than happy to buy gold in Metairie, LA in all of its forms and will give you the best possible price for your gold so you can walk out of our shop happily. Bring us any items you have and we’ll be happy to give you a precise estimate on the gold content and its value—some of the items we commonly see in our shop includes:

  • World and U.S. coins
  • Watches
  • Flatware
  • Jewelry
  • Gold bullion
  • Gold bars
  • Antique and estate jewelry
  • Scrap gold

We’re happy to appraise and valuate any gold you bring into our shop and will always work to be professional and honest with you regarding your gold’s value.

Precious metals

In addition to being your premier place to sell gold in Metairie, LA, The Gold Buying Place is also happy to valuate and buy other precious metals, including silver and platinum. If you have bullion, jewelry, coins, scrap or even bars, we welcome your business and promise to provide you with a buying price that you’ll be happy to accept.

For more information about our gold buying services or for more information about selling gold to us, please give us a call today at 504-455-2212! We’re always happy to consult with you and make your buying or selling experience as seamless as possible.